UCF Ranked #2 in Top 100 ‘Most Attractive’ Poll

UCF Ranked #2 in Top 100 ‘Most Attractive’ Poll

UCF Nation‘s Engineering program may have peaked at #81 according to US News & World Report, and the Black & Gold’s overall ranking a meager #405 according to the snotty scribes at Forbes, and while the Knights football team ride that high following their Fiesta Bowl victory finishing the 2013 season ranked #10 on the AP poll, another poll may be responsible for the accelerated application numbers, and the decelerated graduation rate! UCF came in #2, trailing only Arizona State in the recent UniversityPrimeTime.com. Give credit where credit is due, and check out some of UCF’s ‘finest’ marketing campaigns below, courtesy of the cameras at aXis Magazine. And give former QB Blake Bortle’s some credit, he may have helped us to both the #10 and #2 rankings, we know he’s got a great arm and is a good looking gent, but the web’s fascination with Lindsey Duke, proves she may be his better half in the Black & Gold equation!


Check out the Top 10 rankings, along with other Florida school placement. We think #49 may be USF, but we’re not sure which is more embarrassing, not making the list, or the college web world not knowing your school’s name?!

UniversityPrimeTime.com Top 100 Most Attractive Student Bodies’ in the Country:
1. Ari­zona State University
2. Uni­ver­sity of Cen­tral Florida (UCF)
3. Uni­ver­sity of Wisconsin-Madison
4. Syra­cuse University
5. Florida State University (FSU)
7. San Diego State
8. Penn State
9. Texas A&M University
10. Indi­ana University


Other Florida schools in the rankings:
21. Uni­ver­sity of Miami (UM)
24. Uni­ver­sity of North Florida (UNF)
27. Uni­ver­sity of Florida (UF)
49. Uni­ver­sity of Tampa (USF?)
69. Florida Inter­na­tional University (FIU)
82. Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
95. Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)



aXis August 2013 Cover Shoot(click for pix) garnered national media attention citing superstar Blake Bortles’ beau Lindsey Duke as his better half…

aXis August 2010 Cover Shoot(click for pix) that sparked a national media controversy with Playboy Playmate Shanna McLaughlin in the team locker room…

aXis August 2014 Cover Shoot(click for pix) featuring ladies of the Knight Library, proving the UniversityPrimeTime poll was only off by 1 ranking!

The aXis August 2013 feature that sparked the Lindsey Duke craze (FULL MAG HERE).




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